Science and religion attempt to answer  the “how” and “why” questions surrounding our existence and purpose. In a modern western mindset, by compartmentalizing what we know from observation and what we believe in faith, we somehow manage to reconcile two often contrasting versions into one homogenized explanation we’re comfortable with. These two constructs – science and religion – are mechanisms that allow us to assign reason and order to the universe. They operate quite differently yet are the same in their demand for absolute conformity. Scientists have yet to determine the physical nature of gravity – is it a particle or wave – yet they state unequivocally that we can never travel the speed of light. Religions require strict adherence to their relative, interpretive doctrines and ask that you forsake all other beliefs. These approaches to life’s big mysteries are neither reasonable nor in good faith. It would be like traveling to the Louvre and predetermining that you will only observe paintings in black frames. Following dictated, rigid, and often arbitrary guidelines robs us of the total experience the world has to offer. Explore with me the profound beauty and diversity that is The Garden Universe.