Every civilization or generation has attempted to answer ultimate questions and assign order to the universe. This creation myth comes to us from the Bantu of Africa. In the beginning the only thing that existed was Nzame, a triple god whose other parts were Mebere, and Nkwa. The Nzame portion created the earth and the rest of the universe and blew life into it. The other two parts, Mebere and Nkwa, were called to admire his work. They decided earth needed a ruler. Initially they selected the elephant, the leopard and the monkey but then decided to make a new creature in their image and named him Fam or Power. Fam decided that he did not need Nzame and could rule earth alone. This bothered Nzame so he caused lightning and thunder to destroy the world. Fam was not killed however because when he had been created Nzame had promised him eternal life and Nzame never changes his mind. The earth was remade, the old one can still be found if you dig deep enough. Nzame then created a new Fam but one who new death named Sekume and his woman Mbongwe, was made from a tree. These people had both a body (Gnoul) and a soul (Nissim.) The Nissim is what gives life to the Gnoul. When body dies the soul does not.