Friday the 13th is a day of great apprehension for the superstitious, but it actually has some very lucky associations. Throughout western tradition, many stories are told of 12 companions surrounding a central god-head figure. Robin Hood had 12 merry men; King Arthur had 12 knights of the round table and of course perhaps one of the most well known groups of 13, Jesus and his 12 disciples.

The thirteenth man is often the medium through which higher knowledge is imparted. But trying to cope with consciousness on many levels and dealing with the imbalances of the group the 13th was often subject to ruin or death – hence the 13th is unlucky. When the great seal was approved by the largely Masonic Continental congress in 1782, the underlying motive for all of the 13s was to suggest that higher consciousness was at work in the conception of the new nation. Check out a dollar bill. 13 stars, stripes, arrows, leaves, berries, many of the inscriptions contain 13 letters. The pyramid has 13 rows.